Stanley by Colin Thompson

 It was very quiet in Stanley's house. there were no brothers or sisters, no dads or grannies, not even a cat, a budgie or a goldfish.'


"There is more to life than biscuits and rubber balls, but not much"   Colin Thompson


I do love this story.  I didn't the first time but the second and every time since the kids and I have loved it.  A beautiful love story.

Another dog steals Stanley's favourite red ball one afternoon at the park and the next day there is a knock at the door.  From that moment life changes forever for Stanley, Gerald and Gerald's Mum. 

A book on love.  Love for a dog, a ball, a boy, biscuits, shoes and how they make a family. Not so much love for Poodles, Cats or Animal costumes.

Colin Thompson is an internationally renowned author and illustrator who has won many awards for his words and pictures. In 2007, his book DUST was awarded Honour Book in the Children's Book Council Awards, and his 2009 picture book FEARLESS was a CBCA shortlisted title and a kids’ choice award winner.

Another great book Mr Thompson.

Available now through Harper Collins and  ABC Kids

Stanley Colin Thompson


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