Leap Frog LeapBand Review

Leap Frog LeapBand is now here!


The Leap Frog LeapBand encourages the kids to get active, have some fun and learn at the same time!

Its small, rechargeable battery (via usb), and activity tracking so you can see you childs progress and set the challenges. 

Leap Frog LeapBand Review

Leap Frog are certainly leading the way in young childrens educational toys and devices aren’t they. Here is another great idea they have just released. Anything that encourages kids to get active and use their brains whilst they are having fun is a winner to me.

It is a watch that is built kinda like a fitbit toy meets virtual pet for kids.

My Six year is really enjoying the LeapBand he loves a good challenge and uses it daily. Its handy for when i just need him to hang on or entertain himself for a few minutes. It will be handy to take along to appointments or outings where there isn't really much to entertain him with. Its much much smaller than the tablet to carry around and i love he can wear it rather than me having to carry it.  He loves earning the jewels and then jumping on the LeapPad to go to the next thing on the linked up Petathalon Games.

It isn’t really suitable for my two year old (it is designed for 4 - 7 year olds) you need to be able to understand the spoken instruction but still her brother just tells her what to do or she follows along with what he does. She likes to wear it and thank goodness it has the Leap Frog durability because she doesnt handle with care.

My eleven year old has had a couple of turns and please don’t let his mates know that he might have enjoyed it. Not in his age group but he forgot he was a Tween a few times. The watch didn’t fit around his wrist. It does fit around mine though so i guess it just depends on the person, i would think it would fit most 4 - 7 year olds.

Leap Frog LeapBand Review LeapFrog

The LeapBand

The concept is easy the more active you are the more points - or in the LeapBand "Jewels" you earn. The more you earn the more games and fun becomes available to you.

The challenges are spoken clearly and easy. You get a high five if you earn more jewels than the day before.  Every time you complete a challenge there is a cheer. Its quite good with its sounds and noises.  You earn jewels after each completed challenge.

You can look after your pet which also gives you rewards and you do food challenges and learn about healthy food and nutrition. There is a pet parlour where you can care for your pet. At night you can give your pet a pillow so he can sleep and rest.

The watch also has a numeric clock as well as digital time and it speaks the time. I like this feature too.

Parents select the challenges via their Leapfrog account (you'll need Windows or Mac). There is levels of challenges which is great i just bumped up my sons to harder ones. There is lots to choose from.

Parents can also set when the device is available to use so if you want it off during school hours or bed time you can do that. 

The device its self is easy to handle, and easy to use. Its water resistant although i haven’t tested that.  The watch band is quite wide and easy for little fingers to use. 

Petathalon Games

If you have a Leap Frog Ultra, smart phone or tablet your LeapBand can extend your play with this App.

Your Pet can participate in other Petathalon sports. Same concept the more you play and do the more rewards and jewels your earn.

You can save your own Team Cheer which is cute. You have Daily FIt Facts and Fit Facts Options. You can see your jewel totals and awards.



Available in Blue, Pink and Green NOW from Leading Retailers. You can see more on the LeapBand on their website via the Leap Frog logo on our side bar to the right there.


Leap Frog are one of our Sponsors and we have been compensated for this post. All words and views are our own. You can see all our Leap Frog Reviews of their fabulous Learning Toys, Tablets and Reading systems here. You can also go over to the Leap Frog Australia Website by clicking on the logo in our side bar.


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0 # jan f 2014-10-10 13:48
thank you. i have been looking at these and wasnt sure what they did i think my 8 year son will like it very much. nice review
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0 # alex 2014-10-10 13:49
this would be better than using my phone to play with. like how it gets kids moving
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0 # sally denham 2014-10-10 13:52
like all your leap frog reviews. with christmas coming i now know what to have a look at. such a good idea of them to get real people to test them.
i'll come back and see them again ihope you get more
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