Leap Frog Fridge Phonics Review

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics is a must for young families

I'm a big fan of the Leap Frog fridge activities. We now have three devices on our fridge and the new "Fridge Phonics" looks like it is going to be the winner in the popularity of fridge entertainment.

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics Review

The Leap Frog Fridge activities are built like all the Leap Frog toys for longevity. The eldest one on our fridge is about eleven years old now and the farm animal song i know by heart!  I think it will stay there forever as all the little kids that come over always end up playing with it. Wonder if i'll see my grand kids playing with this on my fridge (eek). The second one is a few years old now and does letters and sounds and spells basic words. This wasn’t as popular. Its also bulky and falls off the fridge, it does win the prize for survival of being kicked by mum on the kitchen floor.

Leap Frog fridge phonics review toys

The NEW Fridge Phonics is much slimmer making it less likely to be knocked off the fridge - I like that!  Its also slightly smaller which i also think is good. 

There are two volume levels, which is like the others and this is good as sometimes you're trying to teach and help whilst cooking and can't quite hear it and other times they sit there and play whilst you are quietly having a cup of tea and you just need to turn it down. 

I do love the fact that the Leap Frog toys have English accents so the sounds are correct for us here in Australia. The Phonic sounds are correct and clear.

The little frog "Tad" says the letter then the sound. If you press the letter twice it uses the sound in a word and a little sentence.  My toddler finds this fascinating which is good.   Its important to know the sounds of the letters as much as the letter itself.

Tad also has another button which you can press he sings The Alphabet and The Wheels on the Bus.

The letter tiles are easy to hold and are shaped specifically to fit into the space so they can't be put in upside down or back to front which is needed for b,d and p.  Once the child sees they have to turn the letter to fit it in right its not a problem at all and they are quite easy to do.

The Fridge Phonics comes with one set of the alphabet in blue and green with the vowels in red.

I find these toys great for kitchen entertaining when you are trying to cook and the little ones are getting in the way just to be near you, this distracts them, entertains, teaches and they are still right there near you.

This would be a great learning toy as a gift and the recommended ages by Leap Frog is for 2 - 5 year olds.


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