Leap Frog My Discovery House

Leap Frog My Discovery House Review


So much has been packed into this little house for baby to grow with.  Its Bright colours and interactive pieces make it such a fun toy.

Leap Frog  My Discovery House Review

My Toddler loves to carry this around.

Honestly she seems to carry it around more than actually sit and play with it.  It does come with a handle i guess so it should be carried around. 

She loves the Birds on top, you push the big one down and the little one pops up and they talk opposites. 

It also has a duck in a bath on the back and she likes to press that - alot.

Its a pretty interactive toy with lots of opposites, things that happen daily like meals, baths, visitors etc and some songs. 

There is also lots of things to do, open, close, switch on and off, slide. All great for motor skills.

Designed for 6 - 36 months, i think its a nice little learning toy to have.

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