Leap Frog "Adventure Sketchers" Game Review


The Leap Frog LeapPad Ultra Childrens Learning Tablet has a great selection of Apps and Games that you can either download from the LeapPad online store or buy in Cartridge form from most leading retailers.   This game Adventure Sketchers is one that we were sent to review.

Leap Frog Adventure Sketchers

This a great creative skills game. It has some fab features that are really fun to use. 

Before you start you need to create and customise your own "Hero" player. You choose the way they look, the colours they wear, you even need to design a hat.  You then record special sayings when prompted that are repeated throughout the game.  Like when you complete a level it says the achievement recording that you have created in our case he says "yeah awesome"  My six year old loves it when the Hero goes "yeahhh awesome" just as we recorded.

Throughout the game you need to trace, colour and draw different things which my six year is really enjoying and proudly shows off his latest level creations.


The aim of the game is to save the kingdom.  It still has the conventional game elements of throwing things and jumping through levels then to achieve certain goals you need to do the tasks as requested.

It is more of a Game than a learning activity i think and that has been fine for us as the other games we have are more of math and reading games so i think it is important to have some fun games with a little creative thinking and decision making thrown in.

Would i recommend the game?   Yes, based on what i have said above if you are looking for a fun, innocent game for children approx 5 - 8 years of age to play independently and learn some creative skills.

The game is available in cartridge form and online from the Leap Frog Website or from Leading Retailers

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+1 # Shelley@MoneyMummy 2014-07-19 09:08
Great review - I think I might have to wait till my daughter is a bit older though - but glad to know it is out there!
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