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LeapPad Ultra Product Review. LeapPad Ultra by Leap Frog


LeapPad Ultra Review

As i sit to type this review of the LeapPad Ultra from Leap Frog i had a two year old needing my attention, she just wanted continuous entertainment despite the fact she had played with friends, come home and did some painting, played with some art and craft, played with some toys, had some snacks and daddy was home so he read her a book. Some days no matter what i do i just can't get a few minutes.    Then i popped Missy up in between us on the lounge and put the LeapPad Ultra on to a Sesame Street video i had downloaded from the Leap Frog store.   Ta Dah  now i can do my review.

The LeapPad Ultra is fairly new to our family we've had it about two months now. Its been well loved and well travelled. Its not designed for two year old at all.  They suggest 4 to 9yr olds which yes, i think to be able to drive it independently you'd need to be closer to 4yrs although it has come in handy so many times to do drawing, watch some of our favourite shows or take photos with at older sibling sports and activities.  I'd much prefer my toddler learning and playing with this than my phone or tablet. My 6 year old loves it though and its become a great incentive to get some other things achieved.  He loves being able to control the device himself.

This is a device I’m happy for the kids to play with without me having to watch over them for security reasons, seeing things on the internet i don’t want them to, downloading things by accident to my phone and tablet or making calls and deleting things.  This is a fully secure device i can leave the kids to it and know they will be and all my things will be fine.

We've had all sorts of ages gather and have a go on the LeapPad Ultra.  Whenever its pulled out around the Rugby Field or Basketball courts there is always a few people who want to have a turn.  

There is music on it which you can buy extra albums from the store this has been great for the little ones to dance and carry on with.  Nice alternative that the kids can control and decide on without me.

I love the Art Studio Drawing.  Its pretty awesome  there is so many choices of tools - pencils, crayons, markers, different sized brushes, stickers and pictures you can add. More colour choices than the biggest box of crayons and even rainbow colours which are pretty popular at our place. My 2yr old likes to draw with it and its been great for her fine motor skills she has developed more control in her drawing. My 6yr old likes to explore all the different options in the studio. We've even used the Art studio to play noughts and crosses with.

Games and Activities are available from almost all large chain stores that have toys.  I have seen some great specials in the last month and there is some great accessories to get for it like covers! 

Games,Ebooks, Music, Activities, TV shows and Short Movies are all available through the Leap Frog online store on the LeapPad. Its easy to Navigate and purchase.  There isn't any Free apps like on other devices which initially i was disappointed about BUT it does remove all the non quality, non approved by Leap Frog that would otherwise be there so i ended up being quite ok with that.  The Apps do range in price and some are really quite affordable.    In the couple of months we have had it i did buy a few games and a couple of things i thought would entertain the toddler. As well as a couple of shows like Lazy Town, Wallace and Grommit and Sesame Street.  There are lots of things to choose from i don’t think anyone would be disappointed.

The LeapPad Ultra itself has 9 hours of Play time which is great.  lasts us forever. It has a front and back camera and video recording options which has been great fun for the kids.  It comes with a great load of things already on it, music, the art studio drawing, all the normal things like a calculator, clock and stop watch an a calendar. Its nice and small so easy for the kids to handle and fits into my bag to carry around. Its also pretty durable which essential for a childrens device and stands to much more "handling" than my phone.

If like me you are a bit concerned with the children using your devices or devices that perhaps they aren’t old enough to be able to drive on their own they i can recommend the LeapPad Ultra from Leap Frog.  The range of apps available is great and most reasonably priced.The range is also available to purchase in goods form from most of the major retailers, i certainly haven’t had any problems at all with the device, its all pretty easy to use and follow.

With many thanks, we were given the LeapPad Ultra from Leap Frog for review. All words are our own. Please see our Disclosure Policy for more information.

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