Halloween tree craft is always fun


Halloween Tree is all a bit of fun!  This is great for a group or just a couple of kids.   We used bits and pieces we already had and it filled some time nicely.

Halloween Tree Toddler Craft

To make this Halloween tree you will need :

Some larger sticks and something to hold them up like a tree we used a flower pot and filled it with sand.

Paper in white for your ghosts, black for bats and orange for pumpkins.

Webbing or stuffing for webs

Scissors, ribbon or twine and coloured markers.


How to:

First we drew ghosts, bats and pumpkins onto the papers and drew faces or details onto them. Then we cut them out. 

Next we put a hole in the top and tied ribbon through all our decorations so they can be hung.

Then we went a little crazy with the webbing to make spiders webs on our tree.

The kids played for days, moving bits around and playing with the webbing.


Halloween Toddler Craft



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