Frankenstein Roll Kids Craft


We're so proud of our light up Frankenstein!   We made these with preschoolers but fun for anyone really.


Halloween Frankenstein Roll Craft


Halloween Easy Kids Craft Frankenstein




Cardboard Roll.

Coloured Paper in green and purple.

Black marker

Craft Knife



and a battery operated tea tight



First we wrapped and glued down green paper around the cardboard roll.

Then using the black marker we drew on his face.

Next we used the craft knife and cut out holes in his mouth and eyes.

We glued on his purple clothing next.

For his green hair we cut a strip of green and then cut in little triangles before gluing it on.

Lastly we drew on his scar.

Pop the tea light in the bottom and he comes allliiiiveee :)

 Halloween Kids Craft Frankenstein



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