Love this quick spider craft!


Our kids love these spiders, quick and easy to do and great for decorating with.   Great quick Halloween craft for a group. Our group decided they were pets ... very creepy having thirty kids with a pet spider.


Quick and Easy Spider Craft


You'll need per spider:

1 Pom Pom

4 Pipe Cleaners

2 Googly eyes (feel free to add lots more like an actual spider)

Hot glue / Craft glue


To make:

We simply cut the pipe cleaners in half.   Dabbed some hot glue to the middle of the pom pom and glued the legs on so all the end points joined in the middle.

Turn him or her over and glue on some eyes.


Ta dah your pet spider is ready to go play with the others....    eep!

Quick Spider Craft





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