Easy Halloween Spider Kids Craft

Halloween Easy Spider Kids Craft



Kids love Halloween Craft and the easier the better! 

This Kids craft is great for preschoolers and still entertains the bigger ones, Its minimal mess and effort and is finished quickly.


Easy Spider Kids Craft


You'll need:

1 Foam Ball

Black tissue paper

4 long pipe cleaners

Lots of little eyes

Sticky tape


1 long skewer


To make:

  1. Cut your pipe cleaners into halves so you have eight legs.
  2. Wrap up your foam ball. keep it lean on the sides and wrap more around the middle (too thick and the pipe cleaners wont stick in). Secure with tape.
  3. Next stick the legs on by pushing the end of the pipecleaner into the side of his body.  Bend them over a little to form legs.
  4. Glue on his eyes and he's all done.



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