Paper Bats make great wall decorations


With only a few things you could make a whole colony of paper bats for decorating this Halloween.

Halloween Paper Bats CraftHalloween Paper Bats Kids Craft

You'll need:

3 Sheets of Black A4 paper

Googly eyes



Paper clips

Glitter glue (optional for wings)


How to:

Concertina fold two sheets of the black paper. Make sure they have the same size folds.

Take one concertinaed sheet and fold it in half.  Glue the to sides together in the middle and fasten with a paperclip to hold whilst glue is drying. 

Do the same to the other concertinaed sheet of paper.

Now glue the two halves together to form a circle and fasten with paper clips.  Leave to dry.

Using your third sheet of paper cut out two bat wings.  I cut long tabs at the end for easy gluing.

This is where we added glitter glue on the bat wings. 

Glue wings onto the back of the bat.

Remove all your paper clips and glue on your googly eyes.




Halloween Paper Bats Kids Craft  



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