Halloween Paper Pumpkin Craft

 Really easy Toddler or Preschool craft for Halloween

Halloween Easy Toddler Pumpkin Craft

For each pumpkin you’ll need:
  • 1 x A4 paper
  • 2 x paper fasteners
  • 1 x green pipe cleaner
  • Pencil - to curl your pipe cleaner and pierce the paper strips
  • Orange crayon - to colour the paper (OR use paint/pencil/texta)
  • 2 x googly eyes (or you can draw them on)
  • Black paper - for the mouth and nose
  • Fishing line or string - to hang
How to make
  • Cut the paper into 8 even strips. I did this by folding the paper in half and cutting along the fold, repeating this until I had the 8 strips.
  • Using the tip of the pencil I pierced a small hole at each end of every strip of paper.
  • Give these strips to your child to colour in orange.
  • Show them how to poke the paper fastener through the holes, point out that the coloured side needs to be facing down. Open the fastener to secure.
  • The next bit is a little fiddly so you may need to help out. Bend the strips around and poke them individually through the second paper fastener. Open the fastener to secure.
  • Using the pencil curl the green pipe cleaner. Twist it once under the top paper fastener.
  • Tie the fishing line/string where you tied the pipe cleaner.
  • Sticky tape or glue your googly eyes, nose and mouth on.
  • Your paper pumpkin is ready to hang anywhere you like.

*Make a few and use A3 paper to make a little paper pumpkin family!

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+1 # Hope 2014-10-15 19:47
Cool, this looks super easy too. The Japanese would love this, they've got glowing pumpkins EVERYWHERE!
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