Teaching toddlers about Colours,Textures and Rainbows


Half a paper plate and a collection of colours and textures make great fun and learning for littlies.

We used 

Paper Plate and a great range of  Paper, Fabrics, Foils, Cellophane, Pompoms, Drinking straws all pre seperated into colours for younger ones.

We did one colour at a time and i let my one year old glue and stick all pieces. We repeated the names of the colou rs and talked about the charcteristics of the media she was using - It is blue and shiny, round, furry, hard, soft etc.

Quick and easy craft for the shorter attention span of toddlers. 


Have you seen our Rainbow Cookies or Meringues ?


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0 # Min 2014-03-12 23:33
Love this i'm going to use this for playgroup next week thanks
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0 # Hope @ NannyShecando 2014-03-13 08:00
Great idea! I'm going to add this to my collection of activities for when Bub gets a bit bigger.
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