Leap Frog RockIT Twist Review

Leap Frog RockIt Twist


We’ve been having great fun with the new RockIt Twist from Leap Frog.  This little hand held learning game system is a great way to entertain the little people whist they learn. 

Leap Frog  RockIt Twist


We love the fun controls!   There is eight light up ways to rolls, press and slide for game control which is cool for a bit of fun. You can also turn the system and play four ways around so no one plays upside down :).  The device is fairly light and is easy for little people to hold.  


It comes with twelve learning games and three learning levels that help to build reading, maths and creativity skills. I do like that it has different learning levels so it will grow with your child. You can also buy more games separately such as Penguin Pet Detective, Dinosaur Discoveries and my daughters new fav. Party Time with Poppy (from the movie Trolls) . In this pack you help Poppy prepare Troll Treats, choose a theme and create invitations. Then you play music and enjoy the party.  


Leap Frog RockIT Twist

Of course if you know any Leap Frog learning toy from babies to bigger kids they all come with songs and this device has five songs to get the kids bopping and singing along.  Our little toddler friends loved these. 


The virtual pets have also been a big winner on our new RockIt Twist system. The more you look after your little pet the more it grows. Very cute. You can also get more pets to look after in the game packs and they come with little figurines. 


Recommended for ages 4 -10.  My 7year old and her friends have had fun playing with the Rockit Twist, we also shared it with a two and three year old who did find it a bit hard to follow with all the ways to control it but they did enjoy the songs and some games so i think the four to eight age group is just about right. 


Great little entertainment system that i have carried around in my hand bag to sibling sports and restaurant dinners. Great one to throw in for a car trip.  It's micro USB rechargeable so you can plug it in and recharge in no time. It also has a headphone jack so they can plug in their own headphones and you can enjoy your dinner in peace. 


Thank you Leap Frog for the opportunity to test the new Rockit Twist.    


You can find the rotatable gaming system Rockit Twist and it's additional games, pets and figurines at BigW, Target and all good toy retailers.

Leap Frog RockIT Twist

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