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60 years of inspiring kiddies to make stuff!

We've all played with Play-Doh at some stage, its bright colours, softness and squishiness.   Everyone recognises that little yellow container and its something that everyone can play with and play with together.     

Play-Doh Celebrates 60th Anniversary!

Play-Doh has been a family favourite since 1959 and is sold in more than 80 countries world wide.  Thats millions and millions of kids (and adults) exploring their imagination, building those fine motor skills and creating a world of rainbow coloured fun.

Play-Doh would love for you to get involved in their 60th Anniversary  you can follow their facebook page here :

We thought we'd join in the celebrations by wishing Play-Doh a  Happy 60th Birthday with Play-Doh of course.




 A couple of fun Play-Doh facts for you:





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