Our character fun from The Cranky Bear

Nick Blands book 'The Very Cranky Bear' and its clever series are all time favourites at our place.

'The Very Cranky Bear' Masks for Book Week

Nick Bland is a brilliant Australian Author and Illustrator who created 'The Very Cranky Bear' back in 2008.  There is also now The Very Hungry, Itchy and Noisy Bear books which are just as fabulous and should be on your book shelf.

The Very Cranky Bear is a very favourite book at our place and is still read at least once a week its the tale of four friends who live in the Jingle Jangle Jungle and are looking for somewhere to play on a wet day and a tired Bear who just wants to sleep is not happy about their choice of location. 

Zebra, Lion and Moose each think they know how to solve the Bear's crankiness but their shenanigans just make him even crankier! It takes a humble and empathetic Sheep with an open heart and listening ear to solve the Bear's woes.  A very kind Sheep.

We made these fun masks so we can do some role playing and to decorate one of our bedrooms.  We just used cardboard, craft paper, wrapping paper, newspaper. We also used googly eyes, buttons and cotton wool.

Easy to do and have been hours of fun.





The Very Cranky Bear


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