This is great activity for preschoolers

So much fun with this activity they wont even notice the learning

All you need is paper, paint and cookie cutters.

  • Sorting skills - Create themed pages "Animals that live in water", "jungle", "night creatures" 
  • Colours - Colours that match the scene, black paper for night, blue for water, green for jungle.
  • Teach the colour names, mix the colours and create new colours. 
  • Imagination - Create stories and scenes. Get your child to build a scene and tell you about it.
  • Use the cookie cutters in different ways. paint the inside only.  paint around the outside only. dip the edge in paint and make an outline print. Give the image details eg. fish scales, fins and eye. 
  • Teach shapes and colours if you have younger children.
  • Learning to hold the cutter so it doesn't move and what happens if you do.
  • Learning to paint the inside and not get your other hand in the way is a learning task in itself. 

I helped initially so my son didn't become frustrated and then left him to it. He worked it all out pretty fast and had a great couple of hours.

You could also teach washing skills by getting the kids to wash all the cutters after! 

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