easy kids craft. preschool counting craft with watermelons

Early learning Counting and Watermelon craft


Lots of counting happening at our place at the moment. I have been trying to encourage it and incorporate it into our day as many ways as possible.  This was a fun craft, great for little fingers motor skills and lots of counting practice.

Counting Craft with Paper Plate Watermelons


You'll need:kids learning craft.  preschool counting with watermelon craft

5 Paper plates

Lots of little pink paper pieces

Lots of little green paper pieces

Brown or black card for the seeds




How to:

Cut your paper plates in half, these are now your ten watermelons.

Have all the green and all the pink pieces ready for your child to collage with. We used Green card, paper, tissue paper and foil and pink card, paper foil and wide ribbon.  Use whatever you have on hand.

Whilst your child is happy sticking cut out your watermelon seeds. To have watermelon slices counting from one to ten you will need fifty five seeds.  I did just over sixty in case we needed extras.

When you child has finished making your watermelons you can now glue on your seeds.  Count as you go. This piece has one seed, this piece and two seeds etc.   We laid them out on the floor so we had more room and did them one at a time.

Once your watermelon is finished you can stick them up on the wall or we used twine and turned it into a garland. 


Our craft supplies come from:

cleverpatch craft supplies


Early Learning Counting Craft. Paper Plate Watermelons


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