learning about fruit.  Fruity Fun Garland

Have some great fun with our fruity characters.

Fruit Fun Craft.  Fruity Garland

We've been learning lots about fruit and vegetables lately, with all our fruity craft fun we came up with this fun fruity garland which certainly brightens up the room and we had great fun creating. 

Fruity Fun Character Garland Craft 

You'll need:

Coloured card

Markers and pencils



String or Bakers Twine


How to:

  • Cut out some fruit shapes from card.
  • Cut out some features, leaves, stems
  • Using your markers, pencils and cut out shapes create your characters
  • Glue your fruits on the back and attach to your garland string.


You could use this craft to teach about fruits, colours and emotions.  Lots of bright learning fun.

Our craft supplies come from:

clever patch craft for kids


Fruit Fun Craft.  Fruity fun character garland

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