Teach how a tree grows with this simple craft

This quick little idea is a great way to teach your preschooler something about their environment.   Keeping it very simple and yet fun, we talked about trees and how they need water and sunshine to live.   We also talk about the growth of a tree from seed to tree. 

 Preschool Environment Craft


preschool enviroment craft

 For this craft we just used crayons and we cut circles of green from fabric scraps .  You could just draw the trees of use coloured paper, the idea is just to keep it basic but still make it fun and last a bit longer so you can go through each point.

We also used scissors and glue.


1. You need the ground

2. Then we drew the stages from left to right. a seed sown in the ground. Then a little plant then a small tree then a big tree.

3. To become a big tree the tree needs water and sunshine. 


We have talked about growing trees and drawn lots of similar ideas since this one.  It was something my two year old really enjoyed to do.  This craft didn't take a lot of time, she learnt some things and we practiced some fine motor skills.









preschool trer craft

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