paper plate caterpillar 

Made in minutes with minimal fuss and mess


Paper Plates are great for a quick craft.  Here we made these cute and easy paper plate caterpillars with only a few things and no mess, my preschooler loves her Caterpillar.

Paper Plate Caterpillar Craftclever patch paper plate caterpillar

You'll need

  • Paper plate
  • Coloured Markers.
  • Scissors and Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe Cleaner antennae


How to

  1. Cut the rim off from around the paper plate this will be his body.
  2. Cut a circle from the middle of the plate piece that was left over.
  3. Glue the eyes and antennae on so they are drying.
  4. Using your coloured markers decorate your caterpillar.



We are using our CleverPatch Maxi Triangular Markers. They are brightly coloured and come in a set of ten, there is also some good bulk prices if you wanted them for a group or class.  I like how they are quite big and easy for young ones to hold and the triangular shape naturally encourages a correct pencil hold.

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