We've had lots of fun playing with these


CleverPatch sent us these Markers to try and we've loved them, they are a fun inexpensive way to make memories.
Great for preserving your child's drawings, for homemade gifts and a great way to give something a personal touch.

CleverPatch Porcelain and Glass Markers Review

Make some beautiful gifts and homemade treasures using these CleverPatch Glass & Porcelain Markers.

The markers come as a set of 7 bright and colourful markers or a set of 4 metallic colours or you can buy them all individually. 

You can also buy a range of simple porcelain and glass and some very unique and inspiring porcelain and glass bases for you to work with.

The metallic markers are on my shopping list! i am envisaging Christmas ornaments (I love the bells and wreaths).


How they workclever patch glass and porcelain markers

The instructions are on the markers themselves and they are very simple and easy to use. My two year old had great fun drawing with them and clearly she has great drawing talent!


The creative art is baked on the glass or porcelain in the oven after 24hrs of drying and an hour in the oven. It says they are dishwasher proof but i think i'd just hand wash mine.   It does say not recommended to come in contact with food or cutlery.  So it will scratch off if you put a knife to it. If you want it to last forever an ornament might be best.


I think our plates will be great for a bright start to the morning to hold our toast. 







CleverPatch has an amazing amount of craft supplies and ideas for endless fun and learning.  All available to purchase online at very reasonable prices there is also bulk pricing which is handy for groups and gifts.  I find the website really inspired, organised and easy to use.  Click on the image below to check out the CleverPatch store.   Thank you CleverPatch for sharing a few of your products with us.

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