Ocean Theme Kids Craft Jellyfish. Early Learning 

Very Simple Ocean Theme Jellyfish Craft for Toddlers


These don't require a lot of effort and are entertaining and look real cute

Ocean Theme Early Learning Craft Jellyfish

You'll need:

  • Cupcake Cake liners
  • Tentacles, we used paper, stickers and glitter glue you can also use string, wool and ribbons.
  • Marker for face
  • Blue paper to be your ocean
  • Glue


How to:

  • Simply glue the cake liners on the blue paper
  • Have the "tentacles" ready by cutting length of thin strips of scrap paper, stickers, ribbon etc
  • Let your toddler go and make beautiful colourful tentacles.  Take the time to say the colours with your child as they are gluing, this is a great opportunity for colour teaching.
  • Draw some faces on your Jellyfish and you are done!



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