Aquarium Paper Plate kids craft

We loved making these, they turned out so well

Water and Ocean craft is so much fun. we loved making these Aquariums the kids were really interested in making and thinking of things to put in them.

A little messy but you can tone it down if you want, you could just draw all the inside of the aquarium in.

Ocean / Water Theme Craft Paper Plate Aquarium

You'll need:

  • 2 Paper Plates.  Two plates per aquarium. Look for the ones like these that have a deeper dish and a wide rim.
  • Blue paper for the Water background.
  • Yellow paper, rice, oats or sand to represent the floor of the aquarium. We used oats and glitter.
  • Fish. We made some from baking foil. My son wanted to use feathers for his.
  • Decorations for your aquarium.  We used pipe cleaners and string for some seaweed, Shells and like most of the crafts in our house lots of glitter.
  • Sheet of cellophane.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.


How to:

  1. Cut the middle out of one of the paper plates, making sure there is enough rim for gluing it on to the other. This is the front of the aquarium.
  2. Glue your cellophane onto the inside of this plate to make the glass.
  3. Cut a blue circle to fit the inside of your aquarium.
  4. Glue it into the second plate.
  5. Add in your aquarium floor.
  6. Decorate with fish and surrounds.
  7. Now glue around the rim and put the front on the aquarium on. Use some pegs to hold together whilst glue dries.
  8. Wait for it to dry before you hold it up in case the glue hasn't dried at it slides down inside the aquarium.... its hard to get back in!


Aquarium Kids Craft paper plate easy kids craft


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