Early learning Fish Craft cake liner

Using Cake Liners you make these cute and fuss free Fish!


These are so easy to do, mess free and easy to prepare. Great quick craft for Early Learning Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Paper Liner Fish Easy Early Learning Kids Craft


You'll need:

Backing paper, We used Blue card for the ocean

Cupcake patty liners, You'll need three per fish

Eyes, mouth and air bubbles. We used stickers but you can use markers.


How to:

Glue a whole round liner onto the backing paper to be the body.

Fold one liner in half and glue down on one side of the body to be the tail.

Fold the third liner into a quarter and then glue down to be the fin.

Add your eyes and mouth. For the mouth we used heart stickers on their side.

Add your air bubbles and you are done.


Paper fish early learning craft


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