Kids Hands Jellyfish learning Colours

Learn your Colours with these fun Jellyfish! Early Learning Craft


Teaching my Toddler her colours has been lots of fun! Here we made these bright and happy Jellyfish! Its easy to do, quick and mess free.

Learning Colours Jellyfish Paper Craft

You'll need:

Backing Paper. We use Blue card for the Ocean.

Coloured paper


Glue and Scissors

We used Googly eyes and Glitter Glue for the mouth but you can use whatever you have - even just the marker.


How to:

Trace your childs' hand onto one of the pieces of paper. 

Stack the coloured paper together and cut the hand shape out once if you can, if not do a couple of sheets at a time.  If your child is competent with scissors of course this is great cutting skill practice.

Glue the hand shapes upside down on your backing paper to create your Jellyfish.

Glue or draw on the eyes and mouths. 

Write the names of the colours on the appropriate Jellyfish.



This is a great little learning craft that you can use all the time for colour learning

Early Learning Colours with Jellyfish


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