Butterfly craft for kids using cupake liners

These a very cute. They're a great quick craft for young kids


With only a few things you make these pretty little Butterflies with the kids. Easy and fast to make.

Butterfly Craft for Kids with Cupcake Paper Liners

paper butterfly kids easy craft paper cupcake liners

You'll need

PVA Glue

Cupcake patty paper liners we used four per butterfly

Cardboard to glue your Butterfly on



To Make

To make we folded two liners in half and creased each one in the middle and glued to the card with points touching in the middle.

Then we folded two more liner, these ones we folded into quarters and glued them over the top of the first liners joining their folded points to the others.

Now you need to create a body and some antennae. We used buttons that we quite tricky for my toddler to glue on but we got there and they do look nice. you can use paper or even draw the body parts on.

Add a little glue to the wings and sprinkle with glitter.









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