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 Butterfly Rainbow Collage Craft for kids

 Butterfly Craft for Kids - Beautiful Rainbow Collage Butterflies

Butterfly Crafts are always fun these gorgeous butterflies are easy to do and give the kids lots of freedom to create and a great for fine motor skills.

Rainbow Butterflies Collage Craft for Pre School Kids

Rainbow Butterfly easy preschool kids collage

You'll need

PVA Glue

Paper plate or Cardboard cut to butterfly shape.  Paper plates are good becuase they give the Butterflies some dimesion as well.

Lots of lovely coloured paper, foil, buttons, straw and gltter. You can use anything you like the more colours, shapes and sizes the better.


To construct

This is a fun one and the kids love making it.

It can be a bit messy with the glue and pieces but if you use a paint brush to apply the glue its a bit easier.

Maybe you could use the opportunity to teach about colours and shapes.