The basic Alphabet Puzzle is a great teaching tool and fun


My kids love puzzles, we have lots and a basic Alphabet Puzzle is a great way to help your Preschool Child learn.  Even if you start the "play" with a Toddler you will see the benefits. Puzzles are lots of fun and can be so much more than just put the piece in the puzzle.

Alphabet puzzles can come in all sorts of styles and prices.  This one came from our local cheap store.


Where is the letter

Simply asking where is the letter A or B and teach as the names of the letters as you go.  This is great for letter recognition.  It can be a game who can find it first. Make sure you repeat the letter as they look at it and have them repeat the name of the letter back to you.


Where is the sound

Teach and show your child the sounds a letter makes. Where is the ffffffffff  sound ?  or the buh buh buh sound?  show how the letter C (cee)  makes a "C" sound. 


Letter and Word Association

Where is the T ?  The T (tee) makes the T T T sound what starts with a T ?   Help and give examples of words that start with that letter, its not important for them to come up with them its important that its fun and you can show that the letters all have jobs to make words.  Play a game with it how many words can you and your child make with the letter T ?  Teddy Tap Turtle Tiny Tickle .


Basic Words

Make basic words with your letters.  Show your child basic words.  Letters make words, look there is the word "at".     We have two alphabet puzzles one in the puzzle board and the same alphabet letters in a bag, because my childrens name all have a multiple of one letter so i need two sets to show them their names.  Its also very handy if you lose a piece to the puzzle.












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