So simple and so cute! A quick and easy easter bunting


Washi Tape Easter Egg Bunting

This Easter egg bunting was so much fun to make! The beauty is that you can

completely customise your own colours and designs, letting the children have

autonomy and control of their designs.

You can make the bunting as long as you like and pop it up on display to decorate

your Easter themed space.


You’ll Need:

  • Kid-safe scissors
  • Masking tape, glue, double-sided sello tape or blu tac
  • Coloured card stock or paper
  • An Easter egg stencil or shape
  • 4 washi-tape designs
  • String, about 1 ½ metres in length


To Make:easter washi tape bunting

1. Start by cutting out your Easter egg shapes. We used 4 different coloured

cards to create a pattern of alternating colours. For the younger children,

you could have your Easter eggs pre-cut.

2. Once you have your Easter eggs, lay them out in a long line and arrange

them in a pattern. E.g. blue, yellow, pink, orange, repeat.

3. Cut strips of washi tape and carefully stick onto your line of Easter eggs,

arranging the washi tape evenly. Repeat the process with each washi tape

leaving an event amount of space between each strip of washi tape. Tip:

it’s much quicker to line the eggs up and stick a line of tape onto them all

at once, then trimming the edges afterwards.

4. Your eggs will now be stuck onto the surface. Carefully pull them up and

then trim the edges so that you once again have individual eggs.

5. Once again, arrange your eggs in a pattern face down (tricky, I know) and

pop a dab of glue or double-sided tape onto the middle of each egg at the


6. Cut your string down to size, leaving an even amount of space on either

side of the eggs to let it hang properly. Then press your sting down onto

the sticky tape so that your eggs are not all connected in a line onto the


7. Carefully hang your Washi Tape Easter Egg Bunting to decorate your

Easter themed space and enjoy the festivities!



You’ll want to have a clean surface that the tape can stick to and then be pulled

off easily, such as a wooden or plastic table. Paper underneath will not work


In hindsight, it could be easier and less time consuming to stick your rows of

washi tape in lines onto the coloured card and then cut out the Easter egg



For a different style, use Easter themed paper or fun patterned paper instead of

plain coloured card stock. Or have the children decorate their Easter eggs by

drawing or colouring them first.




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