Have your kids make their own little Easter treat baskets

 Easter Hunt Egg Baskets

 You’ll Need:

  • Plain coloured paper carrier bags
  • Washi Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter glue pens
  • Masking tape or glue
  • Easter egg decorations such as these (link to Easter Egg bunting)


To Make:

1. Make or design your Easter egg decorations. Find ours here (link).

2. Lay your paper bag carrier on a flat surface.

3. Glue or stick your decorated Easter egg onto the middle of the bag.

Variation: you could also paint or have the children draw their own

designs onto the bag instead of using a pre-designed Easter egg


4. Then cut a strip of washi tape to the length of the bag and stick onto the

top to create a line of pattern from one edge to the other.

5. Take your ribbon (any colour you like) and tie in a bow. Using double-

sided tape (or masking tape doubled over) fasten the bow onto the top

right corner of the basket on a slight angle.

6. Now take your glitter glue gun pen and carefully write the words “Happy

Easter” onto your Easter egg and leave to dry. Ta-da you have a gorgeous

colourful Easter Hunt Egg Basket.


Pop on your arm and away you go in search of the Easter bunny and his eggs!


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