The Dragon is a great part of the Chinese New Year Celebrations 

Accompanied by drums and gongs the Chinese Dragon always puts on a brilliant parade and making one can be just as fun.

For this dragon we used: 

4 A4 sheets of coloured paper.  We used Red, Yellow, Orange and Green. Dragons are very colourful so you can use as many as you like.


2 googly eyes

8 paper clips (these are just to hold ends down whilst the glue sticks and kids are trying to play with them)


How to make

Take two strips and fold them together one over the other till they are braided. Do this three times so you have three pieces in total.  

Glue the ends down and then glue the three together to form one long body.

Cut out a head shape.  We did this by folding a sheet in half and the cutting a triangular shape. 

Take some strips and concertina fold them to form the head piece.  You can decorate these more elaboratly pending on your crafters ability. Glue them on the head.  

Tear or Cut some very thin strips to form the tongue. Glue them in and then I also used just thumb nailed them to curl them slightly - careful they may break.

We made four little legs by folding in half some strips and gluing them on to his body.

Glue his head to his body and you are done.

I used paper clips if i could to hold down the glued pieces the whole way through and then took them off later.  The kids couldnt wait to play with them.












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