Harry Potter Wizard Wands Craft
 Make your own wizard wand

Does your Harry, Ron or Hermione need a new wand?    For our Harry Potter inspired Christmas we made these fabulous wands to decorate our tree with.  They'll be great for the dress up box and look out book week! DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wands

Make Your own Wizard Wands

You'll need:


Hot Glue Gun

Acrylic paint


How to:

These are really pretty easy to make.

Hot glue the chopsticks with some unique characteristics, some we wrapped glue around some we drizzled down the side, whatever takes your fancy.     

Once the glue is dry you can paint them with the acrylic paints.

When they were completely dry we finished them off by adding something to the handle end.  We used different beads, buttons and one has a googly eye end.  A couple of them also got a few dabs of glittler glue to make them magic according to my daughter.

According to Harry Potter all wands are unique some with Unicorn hair some with a phoneix feather inside. The wand chooses the owner rather than the other way around so I just let the kids create their own and the ones I made I tried to make unique.  We had great fun making these and they have had lots of play use.


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