Harry Potter Owl Craft 

Make you own Snowy Owl

We are Harry Potter fans and we do love the beautiful Owls in the movies.  "Hedwig" was our inspiration for our pine cone owl craft.

Pine Cone Owl Craft

You'll need:

Pine cone

White acrylic paint

White felt or flat craft wadding

Yellow and Black felt or card

Scissors, paintbrush, hot glue


How to:

Start by painting your pine cone white all over.

Whilst you are waiting for it to dry cut out the rest of his features.

We made the wings by cutting our a tear drop shape and then just trimming it back to size that fits best.

To make the face shape I drew an oval shape sightly askew you can see the small owl in the picture below a better idea of the shape.

We glued the face and wings on with hot glue next.

Lastly we cut out the eyes and beak with felt or card.

To finish them off we used a little silver glitter glue.


Pine Cone Owl Craft


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