DIY paper gift bag

Make your own Paper Gift Bag

A paper gift bag is so easy to make perfect for little gifts. Here we use wrapping paper but you can use card for a stronger bag. DIY Paper Gift Bag
We use glue and sometimes hold it with tape if it needs the extra strength. 

Paper Gift Bag DIY

  • Start with a rectangular piece of paper laying landscape.


  • Fold the short edges of the paper to the middle over lap them about 2cm and glue them together on the seam.  Make sure you have your preffered side facing out before you glue.


  • At the bottom of the bag fold the bottom upwards a little, crease and then unfold. 


  • Now fold upwards a few centimetres again this time fold the sides in creating a triangle on each side. Crease these folds firmly.


  • Fold the top and bottom of the triangles inwards so that they overlap slightly and glue together. If you are after added strength glue a rectangle of paper over the folds to secure everything in place.


  • Now turn it around and work on the top part of your bag.  Fold in the corners crease firmly and then un fold.  Take one folder corner and fold it inwards then do the same to the other.


  • Once your goodies are inside simply fold over and hold with tape.


DIY Paper Gift Bag Craft




Gift Bag Paper Easy DIY











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