Paper Bees

Paper Roll Bees and Flowers

 Toilet paper rolls are a great way to recycle for some crafty fun. We made this little Bee that became the star of many an imagination game. Its a very simple craft of course you can amend it to what you have on hand, heres how we made it:

Paper Roll Bees Paper Roll Bees Craft and Paper Flowers

You'll need:

Toilet paper Roll

Yellow Paper - rectangular shape for the body

Black Paper - two smaller rectangular shape strips and a larger piece for wings

One oval piece of card for a head

One black pipe cleaner

Two black pom poms


Glue - we used a glue stick and good PVA

One pair googly eyes

Silver glitter

Black marker


To Construct:

To start cut out some wings shape and glue on the silver glitter. leave aside to dry.

Glue the antennae on by folding the pipe cleaner in half and gluing on to his head.

Glue the pom poms on to the antennae and leave to dry.

Cover the toilet roll in the yellow paper simply trim to shape and glue down.

Glue two strips of black paper around to form his body stripes.

Now glue the wings onto the back of the Bee body.

Add a smile on his face and the googly eyes.

Glue his head onto the body and your buzzing Bee is done!




Paper Roll Bee


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