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Kids Origami Paper Bookmark Craft

These paper bookmarks are quick and easy to make and can be personalised . Great for groups and classes for a quick activity for Book Week.   


My kids use these all the time and if they lose it they can easily make another!





Easy Origami Bookmarks


1. You'll need a square piece of paper.  This one is slightly larger than what we normally use but its a personal preference, to start I'd use 4cm x 4cm.

2. Start by folding bottom corner diagonally up to top corner to form a triangle.  Make sure your tips and sides of the paper meet perfectly.  

3. Take the bottom right corner folded side of the triangle and fold it up to the top point. It should make a triangle with the edge running right down the middle of your original triangle.

4. Do the same with the left side. You should have a square.

5. Open it back up again to reveal your original folded triangle

6. Now just the top piece of the folded triangle take the top corner and folder it straight down to the middle of the bottom.

7. Take the right side corner and fold it back up and tuck it in. Make sure it fits in right down to the bottom point and fits in perfectly before you crease it in.

8. Repeat with the left side.

9. Turn it over and you have your bookmark.  Well done!   Now you can leave it plain or personalise any way you like.


Kids Origami Bookmark


Kids Origami Bookmark Craft







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