Know someone away from their best friend ?  Heres a cute idea to let them know they're missed.

 A gift for someone away from their best friend. I recently took my creativity to the next level when faced with a lengthy, work-induced separation from my partner. I had to come up with new, innovative ways of showing him that I loved and missed him and that I thought of him every day that we were apart. 

After a month or two away, it had become very clear that my partner was missing our five year old Staffy X Boxer almost as much as he missed me. I started to think of ways that I could incorporate him into my next creation I was going to send to my partner. My new idea involved taking photos of our dog doing regular, every day things around our house and pairing these poses with speech or thought bubbles with messages about how much the dog was also missing him.
Here’s how it came together:
I wrote a message from our dog about how much he missed my partner which detailed how he thought about him every day and how doing things specific to his daily routine reminded him of my partner.
I divided this message up into sentences or ‘thoughts’, wrote them on to A4 paper and cut out individual speech or thought bubbles. For example, ‘I miss you when I play outside with my toys’, ‘I dream about you when I go to sleep at night’ and ‘I think of you when I eat my favourite treats’.
Then I took photos of our dog doing the daily tasks ‘he’ had mentioned specifically (like playing outside, sleeping and eating treats) and placed the corresponding speech/thought bubble in our dog’s immediate surrounding so that it would also be captured and readable in the photo. 
After I had taken all of the photos with all of the speech/thought bubbles, I rearranged them so that the original message was in order again running from start to finish. In our case I emailed the photos to my partner but you could easily print the pictures out and send them in hard copy. The original message I wrote read like a letter from the dog to my partner but you could really write it in any format. 

This particular idea is pretty cheesy but it was extremely effective, my partner loved it! You can do the same for any pet or even for a baby or toddler.
What do you do to make your loved ones feel special when they’re away?
Guest Post by: 
Natalie is a registered nurse and has worked all over the world, lived throughout Australia and is currently based in Sydney. She’s creative, crafty and has a passion for reading, writing and helping others. She enjoys a good cuppa and a chat with friends.

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