Cookie and Elmo fun craft with paper plates

Sesame Street is very popular in our house and we are loving our Sesame Street paper plates crafts, they look so cool up on the wall in the bedroom.

We are really looking forward to the NEW live-on-stage adventure, Sesame Street presents Elmo’s Super Fun Hero Show!  See below for details on how you can win a family pass to see the new show.

 Sesame Street Paper Plates Craft

This is a great craft for little fingers, lots of cutting and gluing.

You'll need:

  • paper plates
  • coloured paper
  • large googly eyes
  • scissors and craft glue

how to:

We used about four sheets of coloured paper cut into strips.  How many you need depends on plate size and strip size so 4 -5.

Going around in a circle starting on the outside glue the coloured paper strips on to the plates. Just glue down one end.

Keep going gluing around the plate working inwards.

Once your plate is full using the side of your scissors gently curl your paper strips to give them some furry body. 

Glue on your googly eyes

Using some more coloured paper cut out and stick on some more character features.


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Get excited! Sesame Street is back in (Melb/Syd/Newcastle/Perth/Adelaide/Gold Coast/Brisbane/Canberra….) in a brand NEW live-on-stage adventure, Sesame Street presents Elmo’s Super Fun Hero Show, and to celebrate we’re giving away tickets to ONE very lucky family (valued at $200) to see the show! Want a chance to win these tickets?  Click the image below for details.


Sesame Street Presents  Elmos Super Hero Live Show




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