Rid the winter blues with some spring flowers


With no flowers in our garden to pick we decided we'd better make some.  They are great for cutting skills, and you can make them with any coloured paper you have.  Just like a spring garden.

Spring Flowers Paper Craft

Spring Flower Craft Kids Craft

You'll need:

Paper or Card







How to:

We used about eight different coloured and patterned sheets of paper. Various colours in popsticks, buttons and sequins. We used a craft glue.

You'll need two sized flowers one sightly larger than the other. I drew two on card and then traced around them onto the coloured and patterned papers. 

Cut out all your flowers and lay them out how you would like them. See some we have aligned the petals together and one (with the dark pink inner petals) we glued askew. The mix of colours and patterns is really quite effective and pretty.

Now to make the middle of the flowers we used a small circular piece of coloured paper and then glued on a button and then a sequin.

Next is to glue them on to a popstick and then glue on a leaf or two.

SpringPaper Flowers Craft    Kids Craft Ideas  Spring Craft




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