Princess Peppa Peppa Pig Princess wand

Make a Princess Wand just like Peppa


Do you have a Peppa Pig fan at your house?   I do and a she's BIG fan of Fairy Princess Peppa.

Here is a fun little craft that will entertain for hours..  days..  weeks!

So simple and lots of fun.

 Fairy Princess Peppa Pig Wand

You'll need

  • Some dowelling as your handle. i picked up a pack of 10 for $2 from my local craft shop.
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Cardboard
  • Yellow felt
  • A green gem or we used a button for right in the middle of your wand just like Peppa
  • Gold and Green glitter or glitter glue
  • Scissors
  • Small piece of masking tape or equivalent.
  • PVA or Craft Glue.

fairy princess peppa pig wandHow to

First make the handle.  Run a little glue along the dowel and then wrap your ribbon around it all along the length. Add extra glue at the ends and secure it so it doesn't unravel and leave to dry. I used clips but you could use elastic bands or tape.

While that is drying you can make your star.

Cut out two stars exactly the same size out of your cardboard.

Completely cover the stars in glue on one side and stick to the felt. you want to make sure the edges and tips of the star are stuck down.

Leave it a few minutes to stick and then carefully cut out the stars.

On the cardboard side of one star tape down the handle. Make sure there is enough of the handle in the star so the star doesn't flop over.

Now you want to glue that thoroughly and stick the other star down on top.  Secure the star together with clips, pegs, paper clips whatever you have so it sticks together all around and aligned.

Leave to dry.

Once dry decorate with your glitter or glitter glue.  My princess did her own glittering as she was just too excited to get hold of it.


Tah dah  you now have a Princess Peppa Fairy Wand just like Peppa.



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