Kids Craft Love Bug

Kids Craft for Valentines, A Love Bug


This lttle craft is so cute, who wouldn't love their child to make them a Love Bug for Valentines Kids Craft Love Bug

Early Learning Craft - A Valentines Love Bug

You'll need:

1/2 a Paper plate

3 Pipe Cleaners

Large craft pom pom

Googly eyes

Piece of wool or something for a mouth

Assorted colours of cut paper and hearts



How to:

Fold all your pipe cleaners in half and glue two to the bottom of your bug to be his legs and one on the back of the pom pom to be his anntenae.

Glue the eyes and mouth on to the pom pom and then leave it aside to dry.

Glue and decorate your Love Bug with all the assorted paper and hearts.

Glue his pom pom head on and hes all done!



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0 # Hope 2015-02-07 12:26
So darn cute, love it!
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