peppa pig big balloon craft

Hot air balloon craft for kids. Just like Peppa Pigs Big Balloon


My kids love Peppa Pig and my toddler loves the "big balloon" episodes. So as a fun craft we made a big balloon (hot air balloon) Its been great fun to play with. All her friends can ride in it too.

Peppa Pig Kids craft hot air balloon

Peppa Pig Big Balloon Craft


You'll need

A balloon, blown up not too big just big enough for your hot air balloon

A box, to be the basket to hold everyone on your trip. we used a coffee pod box.

Fabric, Paper and goodies to decorate your balloon basket. we used fabric scraps and buttons

String,twine or ribbon to tie your balloon to your basket. we used curling ribbon.

Glue, scissors & tape


How to make

Decorate your balloon basket. we used fabric scraps and buttons. You can paint it, draw on paper and stick it on whatever suits.

Measure out four equal lengths of twine and then tape them inside the four sides of your basket.

Tie the other end of the twine or ribbons to the base of your balloon. 

Cut another small piece of twine or ribbon and tape it to the top of your balloon. So your Hot Air Balloon can be carried around.

Put in your little friends and take them for a ride! 

Hot air balloon kids craft peppa pig


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