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 Paper Umbrella Kids Craft

Rainy day kids craft, a paper umbrella


Heres a fun craft thats good for toddlers.  Easy and quick to do and great for a wet winter day

Kids Craft Paper Umbrella

You'll need:

Paper plate cut in the half

Plastic straw



Craft bits for decoration.  we've used pom poms, buttons and mixed coloured media

If you want to add rain drops or clouds you'll also need some ribbon or string.


How to construct:

Turn your half plate over and tape the straw to the back. You can glue or staple it but tape is far easier to do and will stay on much longer.

If you want to attach clouds and rain drops, tape down some ribbon or string on the same side as the straw so it hangs to the length you want.

Turn it over and decorate.

Kids Craft Paper Umbrella


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