How do you make a snowstorm?!


I was asked by my niece after watching the Movie Frozen if we could make a snowstorm. Of course i say not having a clue what we are making.

Here is what we came up with and my kids have each made one so they can play snow fun. 

We used 

2 paper plates,

Piece of cellophane

Masking tape and glue

Paper doilies, cotton wool, pompoms and glitter

  1. Cut the inner circle out of one of the plates.
  2. Tape down all around the edges the piece of cellophane to the inside of plate.
  3. Now with the second plate glue down the doilies. 
  4. Scatter the plate with cotton wool, pompoms, glitter or anything to represent your snow.
  5. Now tape the first plate on top of the second plate.
  6. Glue cotton wool and glitter over the top plate so it looks like a cloud.

Now shake it around and you have a snowstorm




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+1 # Sheridan 2014-03-16 20:25
They look rather pretty, and it looks like you all are familiar with the saying, "you can never have too much glitter!"
I want to make a snowstorm!!!
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