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I love the challenge of creating a theme and a Harry Potter Christmas inspiration challenge was just perfect for us. My kids love Harry Potter so were keen to help. I think anyone who has loved the books or movies would love to create a little Harry Potter Christmas magic.

Some of our products used were gifted others have been bought or already owned by us or craftily made by us. The more we made, the more fun it became so I hope we inspire you to have a crack at some Harry Potter fun.

Harry Potter Inspired Christmas


Harry Potter Quidditch Snitch Ornaments

Using Gold Tissue Paper, clear tape and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates we made some "Golden Snitch" Ornaments for our tree.  We also decorated with a couple Itty Bitty Harry Potter dolls like this Hermione, and some Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. 

Golden Snitch Harry Potter Craft Golden Snitch Christmas Harry Potter


Harry Potter Wands

Click here to see how we made them

Harry Pottter Wizard Wands DIY Harry Potter Wand DIY


Dobby Christmas Garland

Simply peg some single socks on a line to create a "Dobby" inspired garland. We used our Gryffindor socks and made them more festive with a posy of tinsel and baubles between the pegged socks.    We topped our tree with a Hedwig Owl which I love.

 Harry Potter Dobby Garland Hrry Potter Christmas Dobby Garland


Floating Candles

Pretty easy to make and look so cool!  

To make these candles we used hot glue on the top of some kitchen paper rolls. Once dry we painted them with white acrylic paint.  Then we added some fishing line, two long pieces that I threaded through one side and diagonally across the other so it becomes a little holder to prevent the battery tea light from falling through. I pinned the fishing line into the ceiling at slightly varying heights.  Then we popped a battery tea light in the top.

 Harry Potter Floating Candles Christmas Craft Harry Potter Candles Christmas Craft


Pine Cone Snowy Owl Craft

Make your own Snowy "Hedwig" Owls, click here for our how to

Pine Cone Owl Craft   Harry Potter Owl Craft



Harry Potter Christmas

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