Justice League Inspired Ornaments

Justice League has been so popular this year with the release of a new JL movie and of course the Wonder Woman movie and I think we are all eagerly anticipating a huge Aquaman release in 2018.     We love the Justice League team so much we created a Justice League themed Christmas.

Super Hero Justice League Ornaments

As part of our JL theme we made these JL inspired ornaments for our tree using old CDs and just bits from our craft box. We did use the hot glue quite a bit to make it more secure and faster to make so you'll probably need one of those and I used fishing line to create a hanging loop. Glitter glue ... everything has glitter glue!

The kids really liked this craft I left it to them to create something and I love how they've all turned out pretty different.   Below I've written what we used and how we created each one to give you some ideas for creating your own.


 Aquaman Justice League Craft

 Aquaman is my favourite I think, we used different coloured greens embroidery threads which we wrapped around and around like you would making a pom pom. 

Aquaman's Trident is made from Aluminium foil that I just rolled and shaped and then coloured in with a sharpie.  I think it turned out so well.  Tied a little Christmas tartan to the trident to make it festive.

 I used the hot glue gun to stick it all together and added a little gold glitter glue.









 Superman Justice League Craft

 Superman is made with two different shades of blue wool wrapped around and around. My five year old did the wool wrapping and had great fun.

For the "S" symbol I used red and yellow felt.  I cut out the "S" part with red felt after drawing it on with pencil then glued a yellow piece to the back. 

 Finished it off with some red glitter glue and some stars. 









Cyborg Justice League Craft


 Cyborg was done completely by my five year old. She used little squares of silver card and glued them around the middle of the CD in the middle she has red card.   To finish she painted on red and silver glitter glue. 











 Batman Justice League Craft


 For Batman we covered the CD in a collage of black and blue tissue paper.   I then drew a the new Batman symbol on some black card.  It retrospect we should have made it all stand out a bit more, it is hard to see the symbol in the photos and on the tree.  There is a piece of folded card glued between the symbol and the CD.

The little green bats garland was a bit of a lucky surprise.  I bought some cheap "holly" glitter sequins things for another project and some of them looked like little bats instead of holly.  So i went through and took out the bats :)  lucky find.








Justice League the FLASH Christmas craft


 My nine year old made The Flash ornament.  He glued white felt to the CD and then made the flash with yellow felt.   To make it more Christmas festive he added glitter glue.  Very simple one but looks great.











Justice League Wonder Woman Christmas Ornament Craft


 This is my daughters favourite of course.  We started Wonder Woman by wrapping the CD with Navy wool I had some gold ribbon that i just cut into a strip and hot glued on.

We added some silver stars to the bottom half and little glitter glue and a festive touch of silver holly leaf and red berry sequins.










Justice League Christmas Craft


DC Comics Justice League Christmas Craft


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