Christmas Craft easy kids craft for toddlers and preschool

Christmas Craft that is quick and easy for little ones

Christmas is so exciting for the little ones isn’t it. My two year old loves anything and everything Christmas at the moment so we have been making lots of lovely Christmas trees in our craft time.   The trick is to relax about the mess and let them create, even if it means glitter in every inch of your house.   These are all nice and easy ways to make a beautiful tree. Some need more prepping than others but they all look very pretty and help so much with those fine motor skills.

Christmas Tree Craft Ideas for Young Kids


Christmas Tree Craft Using Drinking Straws christmas tree toddler craft

You'll need

  • Scissors and PVA glue
  • About a dozen drinking straws. we used green for our tree.
  • Paper, ribbons and things to decorate with
  • Card or paper to glue your tree to

How to

This is lots of fun we made a tree using drinking straws. I cut them in lengths each one slightly smaller.  There was lots to choose from and i gave Miss2 the free range to choose which ones to use. 

We PVA glued them to the card board and then i gave her a few things to select from to decorate as she wished. 

i made a paper pinwheel and just glued the sides down to be her star at the top.











Christmas Tree Craft Using Coloured Pasta Easy kids christmas craft

You'll need

  • Coloured Pasta. you could also use plain pasta
  • PVA glue
  • Little bits to decorate with. We used glitter, sequins, wool and ribbon
  • Card or paper to construct and glue on to

How to

Glue your pasta on to the card using PVA glue into a tree shape. I let my toddler do hers i just sort of guided so its not a perfect tree but i think it looks pretty good.

Now you just simply decorate. 

tip.  The pasta is quite heavy when its all glued on so using card is probably better than paper.








Christmas Tree Craft Using Paper Four Paper Christmas Tree Kids Crafts

You'll need

  • Green Paper.  We used Three Green Triangles you can use as many or as big as you like
  • Backing Paper or Card.  We used Red card.
  • Glitter
  • Decorations.  You could draw on your decorations or glue anything you like on we used little bauble stickers we had from a sticker pack from our local cheap store.
  • Glue

How to

Simply Glue your triangles on and decorate.

My kids loved this one they made a heap of them. 

Great for fine motor skills. Cutting and gluing.  They had freedom to create their tree however they liked and yes there is glitter everywhere.





Christmas Tree Craft Using Folded PaperChristmas Tree Crafts for Kids  4 Easy preschool crafts

This one is my favourite. So simple, really effective and the kids love them.

You'll Need

  • Square piece of green paper for the tree
  • Backing paper or card
  • PVA glue
  • Piece of tape. only a tiny piece.
  • Lots of Glitter and Sparkles

How to

Concertina fold the square paper. Just fold it back and forth the same size all the way.

Then Pinch one end closed and secure with a little tape.

Run a little glue across the back and stick it to your backing card

Glue the very last side folds down on to the paper.

Run some PVA over the tree and let them go with the glitter and sparkles. I have a container with bits of leftovers in it that is perfect for this.

Shake of the excess sparkles and glitter back in the container and its done

Dont forget to add a little something on the top of the tree



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