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Christmas Fabric Scrap Wreath

DIY handmade, no sew, very budget and very sweet wreath


Wreaths can be expensive to buy but with a wire coat hanger and a pile of scrap fabrics and you can make your own Christmas Wreath that is really effective and adorable. No sew, quick to make and long as you have the scrap fabrics totally cost free.

The idea isn’t new and here i have made one using all Christmas themed fabrics you can make one using tones of one colour or a different theme. You could even use a few old tshirts cut up.

fabric scrap budget christmas wreath


How to:

All you need to do is open the coat hanger as wide as possible and bend it into a circular shape. It doesnt need to be perfect but as best you can.

Cut all your selected fabrics into relatively the same size lengths.

Its simply then tie and knot each strip of fabric around the coat hanger.

When the wreath is nice and full you're finished. 


You can cut the coat hanger in length to make a smaller wreath

You can also tie fabric around the hook.


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