cake liner christmas angel and christmas tree

Make this beautiful Angel and Christmas Tree


Aren't these beautiful something so simple and so effective. They are gorgeous on hand made Christmas cards

Christmas Angel and Christmas Tree cake liner crafts


Christmas Angelpaper christmas angel craft

you will need:

Four cake patty liners

One large pom pom

One pipe cleaner

Glue & glitter

Card or paper to glue angel to

how to:

Using a small piece of pipe cleaner curl one end into a halo and glue to the pom pom. leave to dry.

Fold one cake liner in half this will be the skirt for your angel.

Fold one into quarters and glue onto the skirt this will be the body.

Fold over the last two liners to make wings and glue to the back of the body.

Glue on your pom pom head and halo to the tip of the body.

Run some glue over your Angel and sprinkle with glitter.



Christmas Treechristmas cupcake liner crafts angel and christmas tree

you will need:

Three cupcake liners



Card or paper to glue Christmas Tree to

how to:

Fold the three liners in half and then fold the sides in slightly one one and a bit more again on the last. So they are each slightly smaller in size.

Glue down the largest one and then middle and then smallest on the top to form your tree.

The simply decorate your tree!

These make gorgeous hand made cards, great way to get the little ones involved.

















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